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Watch Quint Lears Video​​ 🎥 ​+ Retreat Curriculum Revealed..

published12 months ago
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I am so excited to formally announce the sales training curriculum for the Retreat, updated for today’s contemporary buyer. We have put together a unique blend of essential, advanced and mastery level techniques all of which will help you and your team create sales success consistently as well as elevate the “client experience” and increase connection between sales people and clients.

📖 Please click here to see the attached curriculum.

I’m so honored that Quint Lears and Tom Daddario will be sharing their expertise. Here’s a quick video of Quint discussing the power of Enneagram:

We are also honored to announce that Homes for Hope will be joining us at the Tropical Sales and Management Retreat. Homes for HOPE are an amazing Charity who have donated millions of dollars in funds generated from Builders Home Sales, to provide thousands of Micro loans to deserving hard working individuals around the world, which restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.

We look forward to seeing you in October on the beach for some fun and learning in the sun.


Roland Nairnsey