Thank you to our sponsors who made this Retreat such an amazing success!

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We want to take the time to thank the “who’s who” of New Home Sales and Marketing giants who sponsored and participated in our Tropical Sales and Management Retreat on the beach in mid-October. Each sponsor was carefully selected by New Home Sales Plus, as they are experts in their field, and others we work with recommend them. Please peruse this list, and when you are looking for the incredible services they provide, we hope you will reach out to them.

Official Media Sponsor

Pro Builder Media is the housing industry's leading resource for business best practices, design trends and tactics, construction how-to advice, and policy insights in print, online, broadcast, and in person. Sign up today for their free newsletters at:, your home for housing.

Sandra Gurvis attended on behalf of ProBuilder and will be writing articles based upon the incredible contemporary content she heard at the Retreat.

ThreadKore - Speed Up Without Slowing Down!

ThreadKore is a builder-specific, App-based software platform that provides a unique, all-inclusive solution to builders enabling them to look at their business in new ways. A single source for all information from Land Acquisition to Production, to Sales, to Accounting & Finance, all the way through Warranty. Schedule all trade partners and vendors in a simple scheduling tool and communicate, pay invoices automatically, and view financials at the touch of a button from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Mike Moxley President of Threadkore seen here sharing the story behind this unique company.

Website: Contact: Jeff Buchmann, VP of Sales

Email: Cell: 704.907.5421

Founded in 2009, BuzzBuzzHome provides both supply-side and demand-side services in the real estate market for new home developments. On the supply side, BuzzBuzzHome serves as a data-driven marketing tool for developers, builders, brokerages and marketing agencies across the U.S. and Canada. For consumers, BuzzBuzzHome provides access to information regarding new developments, including pricing, floorplans, renderings, associated builders and developers and other development-related information.

Karyn Bonder of Buzz Buzz Home, had the audience in stitches and yes buzzing with enthusiasm as they learned about this exciting platform for builders.

Website: Contact: Karyn Bonder

Email: Cell: (972) 505-8121

Blue Tangerine is a digital marketing agency specializing in website design & development, SEO, PPC, Geofencing, Email marketing and more for home builders and eCommerce retailers.

The Blue tangerine team of Greg Bray, Cabe Vinson and Mila Sorenson shared how this agency specializing in Builders can help you keep all of your balls in the air, and successfully optimize your marketing with all of the latest tools.

Website: Contact: Greg Bray

Email:, Cell: 321-216-2167

Eci Lasso is one of the most popular CRM’s for builders in the USA. Launched in 2005 their Software makes it easier for salespeople to do their daily tasks and routines, communicate, build relationships, and radically improve their results.

Jeff and Lauren spoke with clients about how Lasso can serve their CRM needs, with the most popular system for builders in the country. Then Heidi Schroeder educated the group with tips on how to have your sales team effectively use this transformational tool.

Website: Contact: Monica Wheaton

Email:, Cell: 866.374.3221

Novi Home is a Sales Tool powered by the Buyer Experience. Tracking tools allow agents to see real-time buyer activity in your custom app. Novi keeps you top-of-mind by placing your marketing material at buyers' fingertips, with the Novi Buyers App. Novi integrates with your website and CRM to ensure no lead is lost.

Jake Petersen shared how Novi Home is creating Apps for builders all across the country affordably and effectively helping them, to increase sales.

Website- Contact: Kevin Session

Email: Cell: 435-868-8594

Builders Buyers Group (BBG) is a collective purchasing organization made up of independent residential builders and developers. By pooling their client’s purchasing power, BBG is able to negotiate hard cost reductions and volume incentives on quality construction materials from leading manufacturers and distributers.

With almost 200 builders in their group Dave Devries helps builders help builders beat back inflation and maximize profits. Dave is seen here chatting with Ebon Petty, Director of Sales and Marketing for Robertson Brothers, out of West Bloomfield Michigan.

Website: Contact: Dave DeVries

Email:, Cell: 616-318-5584

Clear Evaluations provide a variety of nationwide services — including concealed video shops, traditional written shops, and phone and online shops — that strengthen the core of your business, which is ultimately customer service.

Many of our clients love the services provided by Leslie and her Clear Evaluations team. Thanks to collaboration with the sales managers, Clear Evaluation shoppers are prepared to probe in the areas provided by the manager and provide insightful evaluation into real sales performance.

Website: Contact: Leslie Jeter

Email: Cell: 281-907-7888

Exclusively serving the new home builder industry, Melinda Brody and Company help builders evaluate their sales associates through onsite video shops, recorded virtual shops, and other types of mystery shops. Founded 1986, they have been committed to providing builders with services that improve the performance and success of their new home sales associates.

Ben Marks was available to help managers book valuable Video shops to help catch their sales teams doing things well and improve where needed. We even viewed part a great sales performance from a young sales lady, shopped by Melinda Brody and Company.

Website: Contact: Ben Marks,

Email: Cell: (404) 234-4059

The Anewgo platform helps Sales and Marketing work in tandem and focuses on what each Does best … serve the buyer. No two shopping journeys are the same and the tools empower builders to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. Anewgo helps sales meet prospects online.

John Lee is a humble industry giant. As founder of Rendering House, and now Anewgo, John mingled with builders providing his invaluable insights and information about his exciting new company, that will help to transform how Builders reach clients in the 21st Century.

Website: Contacts: John Lee

Email: Cell: 919-744-867

Christian Brothers Interiors (CBI) offers a full-service design center, an online options program with Studio Chateau, connected home technology powered by Elan, and expert designers that focus on personalizing the new home ownership experience. CBI supplies and installs flooring, countertops, surrounds, window coverings and offers a future-proof technology platform that allows them to be the interior design and connected home solution for homebuilders and homebuyers.

Tiffany George, seen here, dazzled the audience with her explanation of how CBI can provide the contemporary interior design experience clients are truly looking for. Accompanied by Jenny Lynn they were available to help builders with their needs.

Website:; Contact: Tiffany George

Email:; Cell: 619.849.0461

Alpha Vision™ is the home builder industry's leading technology provider of interactive floor plans, interactive site maps, 3Dhome renderings, immersive Virtual Reality, and sales engagement software. Our ultimate goal? To enhance and personalize your customers' home buying journey for maximum emotional impact and accelerated sales.

Jason Burcheri (seen here chatting with Mike Baptist of Miller Family Homes, out of Wichita, KS) helps builders with their latest builder technology needs.

Website- Contact: George Papaioannou- Owner,

Email: Cell: 646-787-2323

Nortek Control is a global leader in smart connected devices and systems for residential and commercial customers, serving the security, access, AI, health & wellness, control and power/AV markets. Nortek Control and its partners have deployed more than 15 million connected systems and over 35 million security and home control sensors and peripherals. Nortek Control has over 50 years of innovation and is dedicated to addressing the lifestyle and business needs of millions of customers every day.

Thanks to Brett and Nortek Control who spealize in create the latest interactive Tech home lifestyle.

Website:; Contact: Bret Jacob

Email:, Cell: 615.815.8333

Studio Chateau is a web-based option selection and management program for new homebuilders, homebuyers, design centers and subcontractors. We help the new home buyer maximize their design experience by providing an online catalog of the options and upgrades available for their new home while simultaneously providing a complete purchasing, contracting and financial operating environment for the home builder and design center.

Website: Contact: Lynn Ellis

Email:; Cell: 619-916-7959

Homes for HOPE partners with the building industry to invest in underserved families around the world. Building industry partners donate funds generated from domestic building projects to Homes for HOPE, which then become micro-loans enabling them to support, savings services, and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

We are so honored that Homes for Hope was our official charity Matthew Baehr gave a colorful and moving presentation to demonstrate that Homes for Hope is not about free hand-outs, but instead about empowering people to become mini business leaders and work themselves out of poverty for good.

Website: Contact: Matthew Baehr, Executive Director

Email: Cell: 717-719-0313

Roland Nairnsey's New Home Sales Plus provide consulting and transformational training to salespeople, managers, and owners all across North America, with monthly sales in the many Billions. Roland teaches process honed from his own experiences in the trenches and has the only team of trainers with active real world new home sales experience and success.

Website:; Contacts: Roland Nairnsey, Abi Licatino

Email:; Cell: 561-236-2400

Email; Cell: 713- 382-8212

Thanks to each and very sponsor, please give them a call, they will help you transform your business. We will look forward to seeing everyone back on the beach next Fall.


Roland Nairnsey


New Home Sales Plus

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