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Do we even still need to work with Realtors® ... Watch this video and see what the experts say.

published12 months ago
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I am so thrilled, that FIVE realtor relationship experts will be joining me on stage at the Tropical Management Retreat, at Margaritaville on October 14th. Enjoy this video as Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions, Quint Lears of New Home Sales, Lisa Licata of Sterling Homes Real Estate, Tom Daddario of New Home Sales Plus and Seth Kaufman of ONE Sotheby's share insights into what they will be discussing at the Retreat.

They each bring a unique perspective that comes from years of experience working with builders through multiple market conditions. Who are you most excited to learn from?

Imagine joining these sales experts, currently helping builders with monthly sales in the billions, in a relaxed and exclusive setting. Learn from their programs, and have plenty of time to connect and chat with them; and have all of your specific questions answered.

To learn more about The Tropical Sales and Management Retreat and view the agenda please CLICK HERE.

To invest in tickets:

If you have questions about the program details as well as group rates and incentives please contact our Retreat Concierge Abi Licatino at

We can't wait to see you live, in-person in sunny Florida!


Roland Nairnsey